Encountering Culture – Assignment 1

Brief outline

One of the objectives of this module is for you to begin to locate your own work within the various and far flung fields of photographic practice. This in itself is not a new idea; when the philosopher Plato (c.428-347BC.) said “know thyself” he was in effect saying much the same; that we must locate ourselves within the world in order to validate our viewpoint of it.

In other words, I have to examine myself and and how I view the world from a socio/sexual/ age unique perspective, and look at where I fit within it. How does this affect my work and am I in harmony or conflict within the social structure that I am a part of?

I will explore the social conventions and pressure that we are expected to adhere to in order to fit into the culture that we reside within. Do I modify who I really am in order to “fit in” with society or am I myself despite of these unwritten set of rules and conventions?

Using the work or photographers and artists , as well as newspapers/journals  and articles, I will examine the society in which I live and produce photographic responses to this to support my ideas.

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