Assignment 1 – Ideas

For this assignment we are tasked with looking at our place within society, encountering culture. Do I live in harmony or conflict with the world around me? Do I modify my behaviour to “fit in ” or do I stand alone in the face of social and cultural conventions?
Firstly I want to look at who I am and what makes me?

I am :

A mother
A Wife
A student
A photographer
A daughter
On a diet
Always unhappy with my body
Happy with my marriage
Non drinker
Non smoker

Do I work hard to keep up appearances?

Idea that just popped into my head, need to write it down before I forget:
social skills , is it a dying art. In the age of Facebook do people still know how to communicate.

Society today is full of technology. Ever increasing number of mobile communication devices. Rise in people using an online platform to communicate with friends and family.


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