Carolyn Lefley – Artist Talk

Caroline Lefley Works as a lecturer,an artist and photographer and studied at Coventry University from 1997-2000, where she received a BA(Hons) Fine Art. in 2000. She now lectures part-time at Coventry University, teaching Undergraduate Photography Students such as myself.

A Portfolio of Carolyn’s work:

Empty homes, 2000 – Carolyn visited homes of houses in-between owners for a major project during her final year at University. By this point Carolyn had decided that Photography was the path of Art that she wanted to take.
Viewpoint, 2001 , photographs of telescopes done in a portrait style.
The Watchers, 2004 – Medium format work which allows for greater detail in the final image. This Project was based on the tv’s viewpoint into the room, thus the watched becomes the watcher. Using light from the TV, using slow film and a long exposure created the images lit only by the light of the TV.

2005 – studied MA in photography- to develop ideas. This became a Journey of finding an aesthetic for Carolyn. Reaffirming her commitment to the medium of Photography.

Semi Detached (2006) – Artists book – This work is autobiographical in nature. Carolyn recognized that many of us, including herself have been raised in a semi-detached property. She was intrigued to portray how each house in the semi-detached mirrors the other. She set out to see the similarities and differences between the two properties. She was intrigued to find that even though the neighbours of her close did not know each other, the houses bore striking resemblances to one another.

Belonging – 2006 – Peoples perception of their ideal home. Used a dolls house . a derelict dolls house. reflecting on trying to find your place. Published in ‘Stimulus Respond’ magazine- home issue -2007.

Finished ma 2006 – trying to keep up momentum, doing yearly projects.

Troika Editions – contemporary photography – middle man to sell her prints – video chats of the artists that they represent. They sell works for 50% cut.

Fictional Space – Shed and a half gallery, 2009 – part of London photo month

Quotidian Snapshot – 2007-2008- photograph a day . blogged on a website.

Realm – 2009-2012 long term project – digital double exposure – derelict interior and woodland scene . inspired by faith and belief . wanted to visit places that have myths and fables attached to them in Scotland . Realm selected to be written about Brighton Photofringe

Time span artist in residence – blog on time span .org website

Wilderness – Holton Lee Studio residency Sept 2010 handmade landscape – looking at the story of creation.


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