Assignment 1 – Encountering Culture – ideas

A few test shots – Ideas for jacked in society. Are we all slaves to technology? I live in a household of 6 people yet I have noticed that people seem to spend more time interacting in a virtual way than face to face. I want to use the camera to demonstrate how  , within wider society, technology is becoming ever ingrained into our daily lives. Indeed for some they cannot envisage a live without it.

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Taken using my Fujifilm HS30 exr digital camera. The aim of my final images will be to show the increasing dependance that we have on our tech. I have observed people sitting in a room full of friends or family yet none of them are interacting on a personal level. In the 24/7 world the need to be connecting at all times seems to be paramount. The final pieces for this project will be shot in black and white film.

I have had an idea!! – Portraits of people but through their mobile phones!  This might work. Going to try some test shots with digital… watch this space.


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