Assignment 1 – Darkroom results

Having decided upon the idea of portraits of people through their mobile phone I have to now decide how I want to capture the images. The brief is set for us to use film cameras and produce a set of 10 analogue images as the final piece. So the first decision to need to make is what camera I want to use to achieve the desired outcome.

As the brief deliberately wants to remove us from our comfort zone I have decided that I am going to shoot with a Mamiya 7 II medium format camera. At first I found this camera pretty daunting. It looks unwieldy and having very little film experience I have embarked upon using it with much trepidation. However, it is a lot more straight forward than I first anticipated. The viewfinder feels a bit strange at first, being so used to using a digital camera to shoot, but once I got the knack of it I found this a very pleasing camera to use.

So, armed with my idea of a camera phone portrait within a portrait I coerced some fellow students into being my guinea pigs. Thank you to Deana , Thomas , Kerrie , Holly , Jenny , Jess and last but not least , Katy . (Check out their blogs!)

I didn’t use special lighting, the pictures I shot today were taken in the corridor of the Ellen Terry Building. I wanted to use the darkroom to see if I could achieve a vignetting effect as I want the portraits to focus on the eyes.  I used Ilford HP5+ iso 400 120 film and a light meter to ensure that I had the correct setting on the camera.

Camera Settings were :

ISO – 400 , F-stop – 8 , shutter speed – 8.   I kept this settings for all the shots as they were all taken within the same environment.

Below are a few results I created from the film. My scanner isn’t working at the moment so sorry about the rubbish pics using my camera phone. I will update with scanned pics once I get into Uni next week!

Contact Sheet of images taken with Mamiya7

Processed print – 9 secs – 1 stop down on aperture

Print – 9 Seconds – Probably needs more exposure around the edges to create darker vignette

Accidental non exposed paper, dropped in developer and then exposed. I like the aged effect it gives. Could do with longer exposure time.



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