Assignment 1 – Mobile phone addiction

My aim in approaching this assignment is to highlight the amount of time that we spend interacting with technology. I have been researching statistics that reinforce the notion that we are becoming ever more addicted to our smartphones and found this interesting info-graphic at .

I found it really interesting that more people in the UK admit to being addicted to their smartphone than cigarettes. I have certainly witnessed first hand , people absent mindedley texting whilst out walking in the street. They are so absorbed by their phone that they seem to forget to interact with the real world! Potentially causing themselves or even others injury.

I am wondering if people are really themselves any more? We all spend huge amounts of time online , and I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of people I know visit facebook/google+/twitter at lease once a day. With such an online presence , does that mean that we create a ‘persona’? Are people worried that , in the online world, others may find their real life persona boring and therefore they “sex up” their live in order to appear more interesting?

I want to try and convey this use of online persona through the use of the mobile phone portraits that I am taking. To show that people use it as a mask to hide behind.


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