Summer Project – Letter to my future self

Before I am embarked upon my degree, part of the summer brief was to write a letter to your future self. In it I included my hopes and aims for the coming year. Reading back over it 2 months in I can see that I have already learnt so much and have a greater understanding of just what photography is!

27 xxx-xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx


 10 September 2012

 Dear Emma,

 Can you believe that you have made it this far? I am sure that you couldn’t imagine when you made the decision to go back to college that you would be here, having just completed your first year at University. The feeling that you had when when Elliot started school? You wanted more than the normal 9 to 5 humdrum . Just how would you fill the void left by and empty house with the children growing and not needing us to be mother quite as much as before? This was your chance to make a change, to do what you should have done all those years ago before life just seemed to get in the way. Who knew that making that decision would lead you to where you are now?

 I am hoping that the past year had been a revelation to you. Your wings are now well and truly spread. I am sure that you have taken every opportunity to embrace your studies. To make the most of the chances that you have been given. After all, this is a second chance, a chance to realise lost ambition. You are now one step closer to the rest of your life!

 I am sure that you have learnt more than you could ever have imagined. Embarking upon your Degree with a keen interest and limited knowledge of Photography, you would put me to shame now! One thing I am sure of is that you will have loved every moment of learning. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

 Do you remember the hopes that you had when you started? The excitement you had about learning new techniques and processes. You were so looking forward to getting into the dark room, to expand upon what you learnt during your time at college. Sometimes things will have gone to plan, sometimes not, but it is all a learning curve and one that I am sure you tackled head on.

 You were inspired when you started reading The Photograph as contemporary Art by Charlotte Collins. Photographers that you had never heard of were suddenly revealed to you. You drew inspiration from the work of Nan Goldin and contemporaries. You really wanted to learn more about these photographers and what made them tick. Just what makes a good photograph ? Is it lighting , aperture ,exposure? Or is it something more, is the vision as important as the final images? Or even more so? All of this is, I am sure, clearer to you now.

 With all that you have learnt in the past year I am sure that you are going to spend the next two years expanding upon the knowledge that you have gained. You have more experience in photography than I could ever have dreamt. Remember to keep going as I am sure that there have been moments that have been tough. The times when you felt you were out of your depth and out of control. But those worries I am sure are behind you now. Keep strong and realise that all that you have accomplished in the past year is not by accident. It is testament to your guts and determination.

 See you in a year

 Emma x






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