Assignment 1 – Developing ideas.

Not only wanting to show the way in which people hide behind their online persona, I also want to include some images that show people who are completely absorbed in their technology. The amount of people that I have seen who have been walking down the street, head down, oblivious to anything other than what is going on, on their screen. It seems to me that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt as a result of being connected to their mobile rather than the real world!

Whilst thinking about this I remember a photograph that I had taken of my son on his birthday the day he got his Nintendo DSi. It had all gone quiet in the house so I investigated where he could be. I went into the lounge , which was in complete darkness, other than the reflection of his console lighting up is face.

This has got me thinking that it would be a nice idea to try and recreate this kind of image using film. This I think will be a really good way to illustrate how absorbed people can become when interacting with their gadgets.


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