Assignment 1 – thoughts and ideas

I want to not only use my fellow students as subjects, but to use all age groups to illustrate that the world is becoming more and more focused on an online presence. I am interested to show how my parents for example , use technology compared to children who have grown up not knowing any different.

Do the generations view technology differently? My children , ranging from the age of 13 to 6 years old, would argue that access to technology is a necessity, indeed a right , and that it is all very second nature to them. Whereas, people such as my parents may see technology and having an online presence as less important. Then there are people such as my husband who seem to go against the grain and not embrace the use of mobile phones at all. To him they are an intrusion , make people less likely to engage on a personal , one to one basis. He feels that he would rather have real interaction than hide behind a gadget!

So, not only are we an increasingly technology reliant society but peoples views  differ vastly dependent upon demographics.


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