Assignment 1 – Finding pictures of people on mobilephones

Whilst working on assignment 1 , I have been interested in learning about how other photographers/artists use their work to portray the idea of an image behind an image. With the main focus of my images being the subject being shown behind the screen or completely absorbed in their device or gadget. I set about trying to find others who have done work in a similar way. Initially I thought that this would be an easy task but upon further research I have actually found it very difficult to find someone who is tackling the same subject as me.

It was very easy to find the usual stock images of people in business suits with a mobile phone to their ear (very reminiscent of Eighties Yuppies!) On initial investigation I came up with loads of these types of generic images that, to me, seemed very contrived and lacked any kind of message showing only a person who is obviously not really engaged with their technology. These images were suitable for illustrating a business website for example, but the style certainly wouldn’t suit my project proposal.

What I want to find are images that are portraying the intertwining of human society and technology use, specifically mobile phone use.


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