Assignment 1 – Final prints

I have finished printing and the chosen the images I am going to use to best fit my brief. I want to show the intimate relationship that we, as a society, have with our mobile technology. From the youngest to the oldest members of society. The majority of people have some kind of connection to the online world.

Here are the images scanned using a flatbed scanner.I have yet to decide upon how I am going to best sequence them so for now they are not in any particular order :


This image portrays the relationship between man and his phone. In this case, my father, is the subject. I wanted to show that the use of technology is not just something that remains the domain of youth. This image works well in illustrating the way in which we spend our lives looking through as screen into the connected world. I composed the image so that the phone camera screen was central to the image and used a narrow depth of field to enable the viewer eye to focus directly on the face with in the screen. To me, this portrays the blurring of reality to merge with the online world.


This image was chosen as it demonstrates how technology is reaching into all aspects of our day to day lives. Even when carrying out household chores we are constantly connected, unable to switch off.


This is one of my favourite images. I feel that it perfectly illustrates the lack of personal one to one communication. Family members in the same room yet not interacting with one another. They choose to be distracted by technology. I think that the candid nature of this shot works rather well. I spent the afternoon just observing the behaviours of my family and how they interacted with their phones and it is staggering to realise just how much time we spent using out gadgets when you take time to notice!


The depth of field used for this image works very well. The background is so out of focus and blurred that the viewer has no choice but to focus on the screen. This illustrates that way in which as a society we increasingly have little choice about embracing technology. The rise of online banking, shopping, study and play means that we have to immerse ourselves in this world , or risk getting left behind.


Having looked at Elinor Carucci’s work I feel I can draw similarities to her piece called Soap , that features in the 2010 edition of her book Closer. The way in which the hands are gently interacting with the phone on such an intimate level, for me, works well.


Once again I have used a narrow depth of field trying to emulate the sense of intimacy we have with our devices. Although I feel that the dof works in this images I feel that perhaps, on reflection, I could have spent more time using dodge and burn techniques in order to balance the over exposure of the background.


This is my one of my favourite images of the series. The candid nature of the shot works well and again the focus on just the hands , shows the closeness of the relationship with the phone. The exposure in this image works to draw the eye to the cigarette, with the phone almost merging into the background. This was intentional in order to demonstrate just how amalgamated our phone use has become with daily life that it goes almost unnoticed.


Out of all of the final images that I have chosen, this best demonstrates the intimate nature, the unthinking way in which we use our phones. So much so that we remain connected when carrying out the most personal and intimate functions.


Once again I feel the candid nature of this shot works well. The spontaneity captures the way that all generations, including the youngest members are interacting with the gadgets. Children are growing up in a technological world, one in which the use of technology is second nature and you could argue that it is becoming almost instinctive.


The way in which the screen of the phone camera really strand out in the image works really well for me. It places the screen image above the real person in a way that demonstrates the use of online personas.


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