Assignment 1 – Considering presentation.

Whilst carrying out this project we have been given lots of advice as how to best present our work and my first decision was what paper to use. I choose to print my images on Ilford MGIV RC Satin paper. This was a purely aesthetic choice , as personally I love the look and feel that satin papers give. I toyed with the idea of printing my images at 10×8 size but I felt that this really did not convey the sense of intimacy that I wanted to portray, so I went for a 5×7 in print size.

I also included a border (17x 14 mm) around my images whilst printing as I felt that I wanted to provide a clearly defined edge and almost make the images look as though they are being displayed upon a screen. This gives the viewer a sense of looking into the scene, much in the way you do when you are using your smart phone or other mobile device.

Choosing the method in which I was going to present my final images was not quite so straight forward. If it had been a digital project then my obvious choice would have been to present the images in an online format to illustrate how our lives are becoming more and more digital and enveloped with the world wide web! However , with the final pieces being analogue in nature then I had to think of a way that would still be able to define this view of society. So I chose to create a book using the Japanese stab binding technique. This technique involves creating holes in your pages and cover using a pin and using a needles and thread to bind the pages together. In my case I used thin metal wire to sew the pages together.

I think that by using this very old traditional method of binding together a form of communication to present the relationship we have as a modern society with communication devices works well. It highlights the old with the new and the changes that the passage of time inevitably brings about.




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