Assignment 1 – Elinor Carucci

Whilst undertaking the encountering culture project I have been looking a several photographers to try and gain some inspiration, insight and context for the work I am producing. One of the artists that intrigues me is Elinor Carucci.

Elinor was born in Jerusalem, Israel  in 1971 and gained a degree in Photography from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in 1995. She has exhibited her work Worldwide in places such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York and The Brooklyn Museum of Art. Her work has also been published in publications such as The New York Times , Aperture and the New Yorker to name but a few.

I took a look at her book Closer and found the way in which she creates a sense of intimacy in work has makes the viewer feel almost voyeuristic when looking at it. She shares private family moments with such compasion and sensitivity, without a fear of bringing you right in to the image. The book has many images showing the intimate and complex relationships that occur within a family unit. Carucci is not afraid of showing the viewer a warts and all account.

Eran and the computer , 1998

This image called Eran and the computer, 1998 is a perfect example of the relationship that I would like to portray between man and technology. The way in which Carucci has conveyed the sense of nonchalance that the subject has in relation to his laptop, I feel indicates the way in which society as a whole interacts with devices and tech. We are comfortable with it, take it for granted and in many cases seem to even integrate with it to the point of it seeming like an integral extension ourselves. It is commonplace, silent, invisable, yet equally it is an indispensable, neccessary and central part to modern day society.

The composition that Elinor uses in this piece seems to give equal weight to both the man and machine. Perhaps she is making a comment on the tome that this person spends with technology and that, to them, it is an important part of their life. You could perhaps interpret this as the growing relationship between mankind and technology. The style of which is not dissimilar to my image “toilet break” in which I have taken a deeply private and intimate moment, yet even this is not a boundary to technology use. Again this shows the unthinking nature of out interaction with out smartphones and devices.

Toilet Break

Toilet Break

Soap ,1996

I find this image closely relates to the look and feel that I am trying to portray within my own body of work. Soap is am integral part to many peoples daily existence, yet again, it is something that we take for granted. We use it in an unthinking way, yet the soap has a very intimate relationship with us. We use it intimately on our bodies, the soap sees us warts and all. With a growing trend of Facebook and twitter available on the go, through our smartphones and connected devices we reveal intimate parts of our lives in this unthinking way, yet to a much larger audience. The lines become blurred between real life and the online persona that we create.


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