Assignment 1 – Martin Parr research.

As I have been working on my encountering culture project I have found it quite difficult to find artists/photographers who deal with the subject matter that I have chosen. That being the interaction of man and phone and the gradual decline of face-face communication. However, I have found that work of Martin Parr , although not specifically about the relationship between technology and human, does show a lack of intimacy between family members. Something that I am trying to illustrate in my work.

Parr’s 1993 book Bored Couples shows some wonderfully mundane scenes, of couples appearing to be bored with each other and their lives. I particularly like the following this image¬†. Although is does not show people engaging with technology I find that it perfectly illustrates the way in which people can be together yet alone. I feel that the reliance on technology and mobile phones is slowly causing people to disengage with others on a personal level whilst their online personality becomes like a mask in order to make them appear more gregarious and fun to be around. I feel that this image is reflected in my image “mum & dad” .



I captured my parents at home both of them engaged in their phones. They were physically with each other but their minds were elsewhere. Their technology has become an extension of themselves, an automatic reflex action.

Allthough the next image I have chosen is not technically by Martin Parr, it is a portrait of him, I think its shows very well how people use devices as a crutch, something to hide behind. In this case Parr, is hiding behind his camera. This image was shot by a photographer called Bill Jay. I really enjoy the way in that the camera, rather than the person is the central focus of the image. Thus illustrating Parr’s life having been spent behind a lens. In my image I want to portray the way in which our lives are being played out from behind a screen, that of our mobile communication devices. Having seen this image I have found that my images are quite similar in concept, although the subject matter is not the same.


For instance , this image “Gabe” although is is a portrait and has a person in it, they are not the main focus, it has turned the portrait around so that the device is the focus.



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