Assignment 1 – Review

When I first received the brief I was feeling rather apprehensive about just how I was going to tackle the project.

Through a set of 10 photographic pieces1 you should examine the sources of pressures within society to conform or adjust our behavior and appearance. You may examine stereotypes, racial, gender, religious, class or age etc. You may use others to portray your views or you may explore the notion of the selfportrait.Your images can depict both the mundane nature and the theatricality of the everyday life.

At first , I feel that I took a very conservative and safe view.  Throwing ideas around in my head, I came up with ideas such as rich/poor divide, student life , a mothers perspective and so on. In the end I made the decision that I wanted to illustrate how we as a society are losing the ability to interact on a personal level. We are all so involved with our technology, that we are, as I see it, unable to be self dependent. We have a reliance upon technology. Whilst thinking about our online persona , I narrowed my subject matter down to mobile phone use. The way in which our mobile phones have become almost an added appendage. They are an extension of ourselves, without which we are unable to interact or react. Apps for this , apps for that. Our whole lives seem to reside within a chip board in our pocket.

Having completed the task I feel that I have fulfilled the brief. Looking at my place within society and whether I am in harmony or conflict with it I would answer , a bit of both. I am in harmony to the extent that I use technology on a daily basis, I conform to the rules of the digital age in which we live, yet something in me feels in at conflict. I grew up knowing what it was like not to be connected 24/7. I remember the world before the WWW and smartphones and ipads. They were not essential yet somehow they have slowly , without the world really realizing, an integral part of our lives. I worry about the future of humanity, will we reach a point where everything is done for us by technology, including thought?

My images portray this connection to the online world and the need for us as a society to be constantly jacked in to the internet and that whoever views my images will be able to interpret them in this way.

I’ve pushed my boundaries in that I have not been able to fall back upon Photoshop and pushed me out of my comfort zone with unfamiliar equipment. I have had films go wrong, shoots not work and pictures fail in the dark room. It has been a steep learning curve for me.

Overall I have really enjoyed this project,learnt new processes along the way and I am happy with the pieces of work that I have produced.


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