Christmas Task

So, at one of the busiest times of the year for us mums, I have been tasked with making a visual diary covering one day.  This should  be interesting 🙂
Christmas task – Telling a story in stills

A date for your diary – December 27th “If I could tell the story in words I wouldn’t lugg a camera ” ,Lewis Hind .

Building on the disciplines already developed, working with analogue technologies in 150MC, over the next term, 151MC will be looking at developing a creative digital practice, supported by an efficient digital workflow. During the term you will be given skills instruction to support your technical development and academic lectures and seminars to support your understanding of where digital practice is currently situated.

Mark out December 27th in your diary. Your task is to digitally record the day in a series of 10 digital images to present to the group early next term. Your brief is to document the day but you will need to select your narrative within that day. A narrative has a beginning, middle and end so think about how you can distil your narrative into 10 images. Think of what you are going to do that day and plan how you are going to document it. You will need to present this to the group in the first week back.

Points to think about :

  • What is your narrative?
  • How would you choose to depict an entire day? Would you choose the highlights?
  • What needs to be left in and what should be excluded? What might be interesting to share?



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