Xmas task – Decision making…

When considering what I would like to achieve whilst carrying out this task , I decided that I would like to capture the goings on in my household over the 24 hour period that covers Christmas Eve and Christmas day. With 4 children , this is one of the busiest times of the year in our family. I wanted to see if throughout the day, I would be able to capture some moments of tranquility and peace. I want to see if whilst I am busy doing mum stuff, I would be able to capture the proceedings.

Here are a selection of the images that I came up with and I feel that they have fitted the brief in so much as they tell a story. They create a narrative of MY Christmas. Its not all fun and laughter, I have to prepare and cook , not to mention clear away after the days events. The day goes by in a whirlwind and I feel as though my feet barely touch the ground!

What I need to now do with these images is to edit them down so that I have a series of 10 that I feel create a narrative….


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