Xmas Task – Outcome

Whilst the brief stated to document the 27th December, I had already made a decision that I was going to record my Xmas Eve/Day and try and tell the story from my perspective.  My tutor gave me the go ahead, and if it all got to much and I got carried away with the day then I could always fall back on the 27th as a back up plan!

Whilst choosing the final images I tried to leave out the blatantly Christmassy ones. We all know that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day involves lots of presents, decorations and so on, yet I wanted to focus more on my perspective, as a mother. For me Christmas Eve and Day is a time of traditions, some that I have inherited and some that I have made my own. Nothing more sums  up the arrival of Christmas than the cooking of mince pies and the Xmas ham on Christmas Eve. My children eagerly anticipate our traditional Ham and for us, it is enjoyed more so even than the main meal on Xmas day. It is a time for the 6 of us to shut out the rest of the world. To spend time enjoying each others company. The calm before the storm so to speak.  On a side note , the recipe for my Ham is one that my mum gave me but I have tweaked over the years, so carrying on the tradition. Lots of Honey, wholegrain mustard, orange juice and cloves, along with a good spoonful of brown sugar makes the most amazing ham EVER!

I took a leaf from the work of Sally Mann and tried to be an observer. None of the photographs that I took feature me apart from the last image. This is deliberate and I wanted to invoke the sense that for a mother, Christmas goes by in a blur, an jumbled orchestra of cooking, cleaning, wrapping, playing, greeting and generally being the hostess with the mostess!

I have also chosen to deliberately use images that are not technically perfect, the focus is out, composition is not the best and probably a whole load of other imperfections to add to the list but the day is too short! I do however feel that by using these images portrays perfectly the sense of business that the day holds for me and that by the time the kids are tucked up in bed I waited patiently for my new coffee machine to make the the best and most deserved cup of Latte with Cinnamon and Vanilla Sprinkles. Merry Christmas Everyone!


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