Assignment 1- 151mc- Brief

Assignment 1
The grade will be 75% of your final grade

Building on the disciplines already developed, working with analogue technologies in 150MC, this module will be looking at developing a creative digital practice, supported by an efficient digital workflow. During the term you will be given skills instruction to support your technical development and academic lectures and seminars to support your understanding of where digital practice is currently situated.

You will be looking at the thesis in classic and contemporary photographic texts
which layout specific ways of considering and making sense of photography. You will need to be familiar with these texts. The seminar groups will be an opportunity to discuss, dissemble and make sense of them.
The chapters you will need to read are grouped under the headings of classic texts, photography and evidence, Photographys other histories, Photography and the future (see the reading list on the moodle homepage for full chapter reading lists). Within your seminar groups you can decide which area you are interested in concentrating on and researching around.

Choose the argument in one of the texts read to frame the perspective of your practice, and link it to one the topics areas below. You will need to produce either a physical book (artefact) or a digital book for your final submission that link the text to the topic, with between 12 – 18 pieces. You can use your own words to situate your argument and ensure all your research and development is reflected on your blog.

Please note, part of the marking criteria is your research. You should be transparent in your research, the development of the project and contextualise your viewpoint, ie be aware of the bigger picture how that assimilates to your argument. Ensure that your experimentation and project development are documented on your blog.

Eating disorders

American Culture in the UK

The freedom of the press

City regeneration

The occupy movement

Ownership and property

Representing another culture


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