Assignment 2 – 151mc -Brief

Assignment 2
The grade will be 25% of your final grade.

“The capacity of photographs to evoke rather than tell, to suggest rather than explain, make them alluring material for the historian or the anthropologies or the art historian, who would pluck a single picture from a large collection and use it to narrate his or her own stories. But such stories may or may not have anything to do with the original narrative context of the photograph, the intent of the curator, or the ways in which it was used by the original audience.Martha Sandweiss ”

Digital photography currently sits in a very diverse field, it is quite common for practioners to be making moving images (a photo film) as well as still images.  This assignment is designed to add to your pre-­‐existing photographic skills and introduce how digital technology can open up new forms of visual representation.

Using the technical and creative skills acquired when making your show reel during the skills instruction workshop with Bex’s, you are required to make a 3-­‐5 minute photofilm, which examines and challenges the idea of representation. NB Sandweiss’s quote and consider how you can creatively and depict one the themes below in an interesting and poetic way.
A successful small business
Personal hobbies -­‐

the need for a balanced work life balance

An inspirational person

A personal obsession

As well as your film you will need to present your research and progress of your project on your blog. Chart the development of your ideas, your research. Your script and how it relates to other contemporary practioners working in the same way.


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