Christmas Task – Group critique session

During today’s seminar we had the chance to share our Xmas task outcomes with the group and take part in a group critique.  Although something that most people find a little unsettling, the ability to give and take critique is very important to an artist.  To be able to take criticism and use it in a constructive way to improve and develop my work is something that I strive to do always, and if I disagree with someone then I can always ignore them anyway 😉

I found this session very useful in understanding the editing process of creating a narrative, of what fits and what doesn’t. To create a beginning, middle and end to a series of pictures is actually alot harder than I thought and takes quite a bit of consideration to achieve the outcome for the viewer that you intend.  The ability to create a natural flow to my images is something that I am going to keep working at , with the intention that people will eventually be able to just get the narrative with explanation, purely from the images that I present. Its all a learning curve!

Below are some of the notes I took during today’s session.

Yasmin – parts of the day – rather than the whole day. creates a rhythm . Shoe acts like a full stop. creates a great end to the narrative.

Reference to Robert Franks the Americans – divided into 4 chapters, each starts with the American flag – creates structure and flow.

Holly – good background research, thought about just what a narrative is. Todorov’s Theory of Equilibrium – (look this up) .don’t have to follow it, but it applies to many films etc.  look at the way that images are presented etc. creates a coherance. Shows the world through the photographers eyes, make you focus on what she found important from her day.

Bryony – images show a sense of monotony, the mundane that most people experience to some extent over xmas.  tale of two halves. the first half of the series shows this more than the second half of the set. The progression onto the walk show a sense . Needs more of a connection to the other images.

John Gosages book – The Pond.

Lucy – Alec Soth – From here to there – Book about a road trip made in America. Used this as an inspiration.  Road trip to twycross zoo . Conscious decision to choose black and white.  Black and white can tie a narrative together. create more of a coherence.

Jade – what makes a house a home. uses images to show the smaller things that create a homely feel and memories.  Feel that it was slightly confused and Jade was perhaps unsure which way to go, so the beginning of the sequence reflects this slightly. The use of colour to create the sequence creates a natural flow to the image. Same colour palate.

Josh – intimate portrayal of his grandfathers passing. use of music pulls the peace together. appropriate to the subject matter. portrays a sense of desperation and sadness. you can feel the intimacy and love of the family.  Very moving. reference to Nicolas Nixon is appropriate. Stood back on the day and used the camera as an observer.

Julie Winiker – Friends for life.

Hospitals are the centre of major life events. – worth looking at their portrayal  in media and photography .

Jenny – The days perspective from the feet. Feet and footwear changes throughout the day, you can tell what is going on if you look at the footwear what the subject is doing. themes can hold a narrative together rather than the structure of the day. Composition can also bind them .

Steve Pikes – shoes. (look at)

Me –  Meat picture is out of the sequence, in terms of the editing, composition and framing.

Olly –  use of black and white  to create coherence.  a journey Relatable content. Is there interest in what is being related to us ?  Too many images that relate to aping from a-b . Lack of interest points. could have chosen things that create a break in the journey along the way.

Katy – Conscious decision to use colour to add detail. could have a different use of lighting to create ambience and support the image.

Nastasia – trip to Jordan – Lovely images but I feel that they create more of a documentary of the area. rather than the eye of the photographer. seems like a tale of two halves. the first half of the series creates more of the story and show observations. second half of the images seem to have lost their way a little and are more of a snap shot.

Charlie – (Taryn Simon   – An American index of the hidden and the unfamiliar)
(Tables of Power – Jacqueline Hassink)
Colour in the last image shows the end to a working day- could have shown some images from after the shift.  viewers are left wondering what happens after 18:32.

Trang – black and white again. close up images of moments during the day. first two images are very strong examples of these. They are more intimate than the rest of the sequence. Then flows into the harshness of the macbook image and the following images are less personal  in their content and composure.

Natalia – Recording the journey to meet her boyfriend in Estonia. Natural documentation of the journey. no literal interpretation of the journey such as tickets etc, or the mode of transport, instead looking out.

Siyana – emphasis on the colour of the umbrella, shows the journey made. I feel that it detracts from what is going on in the images.  You don’t really look at the bigger picture. nothing further to explore. although a lovely aesthetic would stronger with just being black and white rather than the colour.

Kelly – narration of the day spent with her brother and dad. chose to use the image as it came out.

Next tuesday – create another narrative but someone else to edit them . Josh and me .


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