12th January 2013

So, the images that I took on this day have winged their way over to Josh Hughes and are awaiting his evaluation! I thought I would take the chance to post the order that I would choose to display them here, and publish them once Josh’s results are in! You can view Josh’s response here.

Overall I am happy with the images I shot and, indeed the fact that I managed to get any images at all was a miracle due to the fact that I had spent the majority of the day in bed with a stomach bug. The things we put ourselves through in the pursuit of our craft!

I feel that the muted tones that I have carried across all of the images brings a sense of continuity to the series as well as bringing a subdued feel to the set. This is very much in keeping with the way I was feeling during the day I took them and wanted my images to portray this.

The order that I have chosen to display the pictures in, I hope, leads the viewer through the images in a coherent way and provides them with a clear beginning, middle and end.


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