Assignment 1- 151mc – Mini Task – Digital age and the effect on photography

Please choose to argue either FOR or AGAINST the effect of the digital age on photography. You should make a short statement backed up by a chosen article/video/interview/image/film/etc.

The digital age brings with it instant access to information like never before. Hard drives have the capacity to store huge amounts of information that previously, as an analogue copy, would have taken a large amount of space to catalogue and store. This coupled with the fact that most people have  access to an camera device that they carry around with them, leads to an overload of images. The following article in the Guardian , focuses on the book Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age , by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Although not focused entirely on photography, but other forms of digital records, its arguements apply to the effect that the digital age has had on the process of forgetting. He argues the the digital age and “cheap storage on hard disks ” means that we no longer “have to decide that to keep and discard”. Whereas with film photography means that you have to be selective about the images that you choose to keep, this is no longer true in the digital age, and as a result , sites such as Flickr and Google could devalue memories and records of events.


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