Assignment 1 – Task – Camera less photography

You will need to two of the following :

•  Make an aesthetically pleasing photo-gram – which you feel sums up
something about your yourself

• Make a collage about yourself using found imagery – which tells the audience about what you like to do in your spare time

• Using your Photoshop skills and Google earth make a digital A4 poster which maps your journey from home to college and highlights 3 points on interest on route

Work in progress ….Watch this space! …..

My response to the above task:

I haven’t created a photogram since I was in college so I had fun being creative with this task. I was wearing the scarf that my husband gave me for Christmas so I thought that this would make a great prop for creating an image.

I also chose to use my impressive photoshop (cough!) skills to create the map of my route to work. I retraced my route using Google street view and tried to find interesting images to add to my map. There were a few points of interest :

I chose the above images as I wanted them to reflect the style of Doug Rickard. These images are all from the approach to the University Car Park and the whole area seems to be degnerating and impoverished, showing a gritty reality of life that exists for many in inner cities.

Final result :



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