Assignment 2 – 151mc – Mind Map


“The capacity of photographs to evoke rather than tell, to suggest rather than explain, make them alluring material for the historian or the anthropologies or the art historian, who would pluck a single picture from a large collection and use it to narrate his or her own stories. But such stories may or may not have anything to do with the original narrative context of the photograph, the intent of the curator, or the ways in which it was used by the original audience.Martha Sandweiss “


The brief for this assignment is to create a photofilm/video , using the techniques and skills that we have been taught and to produce 3-5 minutes of footage that interprets one of the following categories in a creative and interesting way :


A successful small business

Personal hobbies -­‐The need for a balanced work life balance

An inspirational person

A personal obsession


When considering the approach I wanted to take created a mind map , this helped me clarify the route I wanted to take.




Having considered the brief and the limitations of time and my experience with film making I have decided that a film showing my work/life balance ( or lack of!) would be an appropriate choice to make.

Everyone who knows me knows how important Tea is to me.  I would go so far as saying I am probably addicted to the stuff! I cannot go through the day without it, it is what keeps me going. In fact this could be true for a lot of people, although Coffee drinking is becoming more prevalent. At times of stress or grief it is often suggested that one has a “nice cup of tea”, as though it is going to cure whatever tragedy ails you.

Clearly a cup of tea is not going to provide the solution to world peace or cure the sick but for me it does provide a bit of me time. I can sit down and savour the time it takes to drink it. The whole ritualistic way of making a cup , the favourite mug that I have all goes towards tea drinking being an important part of my life.

A nice little Tea info-graphic that I found on



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