Assignment 2 – 151mc – The importance of Story Boards

Great films/documentaries/tv shows don’t just come about by chance and good luck. Before film makers even pick up the video camera they have to pre-visualise the outcome that they wish to achieve, much in the same way that a photographer or an artist makes plans, so does the film maker.

Story boards are a great way to plan the narrative that a movie is going to follow. Specific ideas of important shots and scenes are laid down to provide a coherent work flow, without which it would be hard to maintain any kind of order.

Whilst researching the use of story boards I found a great website here that gives some fantastic examples of the use of story boards when creating cinematic masterpieces. Again the ability to PRE -VISUALISE is key.

Some notable examples that I have found :




These are just a few examples but I think that you can clearly recognise key scenes from these iconic movies, showing how important it is to set out a clear definition of what you want to achieve from the movie.


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