Assignment 2 – 151mc – Goodfellas – Copacabana Scene

We have been asked to look at a film of our choice, choose a scene and try to determine the keys storyboard points within that scene. I have chosen the Martin Scorcese film Goodfellas. I have chosen to use the scene in which Ray Liotta’s Character Henry Hill, takes his new girlfriend Karen to a nightclub.

Karen is giving her recollection of that night and the dizzying effect it had on her. I chose this scene in particular as it shows the importance of preplanning or visualizing a scene in order to make it work. Scorcese used a continuous shot, taken by one camera and following their entire journey from the parking attendant to being seated in the club. I feel that this was exactly the right approach to take as it creates an intimacy for the viewer and replicates the way in which Karen was feeling overwhelmed and dizzy by Henry’s life style.


At first glance I thought that this would be an easy task, but in reality , choosing the key points of a scene is actually harder than it looks. I chose the moments in this continuous shot that I felt really stood out and were key to Karen’s recognition that Henry is not all that he claims to be.



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