Jenny Saville- Assignment 1 – 151mc

I am already familiar with the work of Jenny Saville , but feel that her work ties in quite nicely with what I am trying to achieve with assignment 1. Jenny Saville was born in 1970 and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA (Hons) Fine Art and went on to postgraduate study at The Slade School of Art, where she was spotted by Charles Satcchi , who purchased her entire postgratuate show portfolio and offered her a job at the same time.

Her work centres on the study of the female form, yet rather than go with the physical ideal that the media might have us believe, Saville’s work celebrates the antithesis of this ideal.  Her work presents a feminist view of the female body, vast nudes, with folds and wobbly bits, stripped back bare. No hiding place or air-brushing required.

Jenny Saville Plan 1993 Oil on canvas 274 x 213.5 cm   108 x 84"

Jenny Saville Plan 1993 Oil on canvas 274 x 213.5 cm 108 x 84″

Trace 1993-94 Oil on Jenny Saville canvas 213.5 x 165 cm   84 x 65"

Trace 1993-94 Oil on Jenny Saville canvas 213.5 x 165 cm 84 x 65″

An article that ran in The Independent , back in 1994, gives Savilles reasoning behind the creation of her pieces of work.  “A lot of women out there look and feel like that, made to fear their own excess, taken in by the cult of exercise, the great quest to be thin. The rhetoric used against obesity makes it sound far worse than alcohol or smoking, yet they can do you far more damage. I’m not painting disgusting, big women. I’m painting women who’ve been made to think they’re big and disgusting, who imagine their thighs go on for ever.”  

In other words, she is trying to be true to the female form, and not hide behind “The history of art has been dominated by men, living in ivory towers, seeing women as sexual objects”.  Saville goes on to states that she “..paint(s) women as most women see themselves. I try to catch their identity, their skin, their hair, their heat, their leakiness”.  This is in line with what I want to try to capture with my images for assignment 1. The realness of flesh, and as Jenny Saville said, ” In history, pubic hair has always been perfect, painted by men. In real life, it moves around, up your stomach, or down your legs.’


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