Assignment 1 – 151mc- Manipulation of Advertising

A magazine ad for an Olay product that the Advertising Standards agency found to be misleading to consumers. The advert claimed to be the “secret to brighter-looking eyes”  and “reduces the look of wrinkles and dark circles for brighter, younger-looking eyes”.  The ASA ruled that post production work on the eye area was misleading but Olay maintained that only minor retouching had been carried out and that it was in keeping with its own post-production policies.


The next image shows a magazine ad for Ralph Lauren featuring the model Filippa Hamilton. The image received numerous complaints and resulted in a spokesperson for Ralph Lauren to admit to their poor judgement in releasing such an image












The above image was published by Red Book Magazine in 2007. Redbook’s editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison said, “The retouching we did on Faith Hill’s photo for the July cover of Redbook is completely in line with industry standards.”  ( Yet, clear steps have been taken to give the model the appearance of youth. She is beautiful in her own right yet editors feel that this is what women want to see and manipulate the images accordingly. From a personal perspective I would much prefer to see the picture on the right, I feel that the further images move from reality, the more insecure women will start to feel about their own bodies and self image.


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