Assignment 1 – 151mc – Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt was born in Germany in 1904. He worked as Man Ray’s assistant in Paris in 1929 and during the 1930’s he concentrated on his work on documenting social and class differences during the Great Depression of the decade. ‘ The English at home’ was published in 1936, followed by ‘ A night in London’ in 1938.

Following World War II, during which time he worked for the Home Office, Brandt’s work took on a more surrealist tone as he moved away from the documentary style  and started to take a more imaginative approach. He made studies of the female form that distortions of reality. Employing the use of camera angles and creating images that  resembled  sculpture and landscapes rather than being immediately recognisable as the human body. It is at this point that the influence of Man Ray can be seen.

The nude images that Brandt produced were scultural, yet organic. Surreal, yet a true depiction of what he is observing. They depict the female body as beautiful, a landscape to explored. Powerful , yet vulnerable. A sight to behold.


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