Assignment 2 – 151mc – Rough Cut of video

So that I can see the progression of the footage and editing that I have shot. The first 2 cuts of my video, Time for Tea. Password  : cupoftea

This first video was shot using my Fujifilm HS30 exr bridge camera. It was shot in HD but you can clearly see the limitations of the camera, and the fact that I have absolutely no experience of shooting film.  The footage is jerky, transitions are choppy at best and the overall feel of the film is clumsy.  As you can see from this first video , the exposure settings were completely wrong , giving the film as washed out feel which I feel does nothing for the film at all.  You can get the overall concept of the film but I feel that this is compromised by the terrible and distracting footage used.

So, I went away and shot footage using the Canon 5DII and straight away , there is an improvement over the first video. I was scared of the 5D to begin with and felt very nervous about shooting with it. Would it be too complicated? my lack of experience was beginning to get the better of me. I was full of self doubt and even began to question what I was doing at University at all. Everyone else seemed so much more composed and calm, and there was me with footage, that my 13 year old could probably have shot better. Not one to be defeated, I gave myself a good talking too and pulled myself up. This was not going to get the better of me.

My fears of the 5D were unfounded. Once I was taught the basics I found it a very intuitive and easy camera to use and as I shot more footage I actually found that I was beginning to enjoy the whole process.  The second rough cut :

It is evident from this second film, that the tools used in film making can make a whole world of difference. The 5D , shutter speed set to 50 and ISO values set to accommodate the lighting of the scene. Using a tripod helped immensely , given the shots stability and proving to make the footage less distracting.

I showed this footage to my seminar group and the could all see that it was a marked improvement on the first rough cut that I had shown.  A few constructive suggestions were made to me during this session which I felt really helped me in this whole process, as being so close to something sometimes means that you cannot see clearly. Allowing others to view and comment on my footage has been really helpful in evolving the project from rough idea to final cut. One thing that was noted from this second video was that the transitions could be smother and perhaps with less black space, which can distract the viewer. Black spaces during transitions tend to lead the viewer to a new scene, but my film is more of a progression , a ritual, I want the viewer to be lead through the process of making the tea. So that is something that I will go away and look at.

We discussed whether to include other footage to make the film less literal in relation to the music chosen. I reflected upon this but decided against following this route.  I feel that the film would lose something if I suddenly were to go of on a tangent and start showing the other things that go on in my life. For me, the star is the tea, its my me time, its something that I consume copious amounts of. I wanted to show the link between the ritual of making the tea, something that is not to be rushed, and something that I savour and is very important to me.



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