Assignment 1 – 151mc- Reasons behind my choice of images.

As I want to represent the female form in its natural state I first had to decide the way in which I was going to shoot. My own insecurities proved to be a barrier to this as I felt that I did not want to shoot my own body under the glare of full studio lighting. I felt safe and secure, shooting images in my own home with only the light coming in through the window. Upon reflection this ties is nicely with the brief as I want to explore the way that the ideal portrayal of the female body by the media makes me feel.

I have chosen to include the following images in my book:


I feel that this image is a good starting point to the book. It  serves as a starting point, its is clearly indicating the subject matter of the book. The breasts being an unmistakable symbol of womanhood.






These 2 are to go on a double page . I feel that they both work in harmony. The lines of the window create structure and a motif to connect the two images and the lighting represents the need to hide my body and blend into the background.



I am placing this image on the right hand page. On the left page will be the following quote :

“I think it doesn’t help that these images go alongside images in magazines of celebrity flaws, eg close ups of cellulite etc. it’s like if you do fall short of the ‘standard’ then public humiliation is acceptable.”





These two images are going to be placed as a Diptych on the right hand page  as I feel that they complement each other well, the front view of my breast leading round to the photograph of the side.

They will be accompanied by the following quote :




“It does make me feel like I’m totally inadequate. Maybe I’m wrong but it ‘seemed’ as though it was acceptable to get older and once you hit a certain age and have kids etc a certain amount of wear and tear shall will say would be present.”







Again I felt that these 2 images work best as a diptych and will be placed on the right hand page. I like the contrast between the lighter image and the darker, showing shadows and curves that the body makes under different lighting.









Right hand page placement, accompanied by quote on the left page :

“I guess the ‘perfect’ images might make me feel like things are ‘wrong’ with my body if I don’t look that way. It makes me cross about the  effect it has on males who might have their ideas of what women are supposed to look like created by these images. it sets a standard that everyone has to then fall short of. “



These 2 images will be a double page spread.



Again a double page spread with the images complementing each other.




These two are to make a diptych , drawn together by the material of the underwear, both focusing on the same area of the body but taken from a different viewpoint.Accompanied by the quote :

“I know that most pictures are a) not real and b) these people have nothing to do except workout with their fancy trainers and have all their meals cooked etc so why do we feel like we have to be the same? “











Again with these images , I felt that they worked best as a diptych. The curves in both pictures complement each other and the 2 photos together give the feel of following the landscape of the body.

images to be placed on the left page and accompanied by this quote on the right page :

“Its what you are on the inside that counts not whether or not you have a double chin or a wobbly belly. A skinny man is never called anorexic but a woman is, a fat man seems to go almost unnoticed”










As the closing image in my book I wanted this image to be a stand alone photograph. The image will bleed slightly from the right and page , over the gutter and to slightly overlap the left hand page. This , in contrast the opening image which was a front view, gives the sense of closure. Allowing my book to have a clearly defined end.



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