Assignment 1- 151mc – My work in relation to other practioners

Having decided on the final images that I am going to include in my book I have gone back and looked at other artists who have explored the female body and it is interesting to see that way my images have reflected their work. This was not a conscious decision, in fact I looked at the photographer Bill Brandt after shooting my images, yet I was surprised to see just how much they have in common.

On the left is Bill Brandt’s 1954 Nude and on the right is my image .  I find the curves of the back to be the epitome of womanhood. You could not mistake either photograph for that of a mans body.  What I have found interesting is how my choice of lighting makes my images blend into the background, almost merging with the shadows and upon reflection this is probably relating on a subconscious level to how I want my body to be unnoticed and unremarkable to others. Yet again fighting with my inner demons.

Both Man Ray and Jenny Saville chose to represent the female form by portraying the back. Man Ray likening it to the curves of a Cello. It shows the sensousness of the female form.

Le Violon d'Ingres, 1924 by Man Ray

Le Violon d’Ingres, 1924 by Man Ray

Saville’s painting, to me, shows a vulnerability about it. The posture, stiff and uptight , slightly at odds with the apparent boldness of standing naked.

Trace 1993-94 Oil on Jenny Saville canvas 213.5 x 165 cm   84 x 65"

Trace 1993-94 Oil on Jenny Saville canvas 213.5 x 165 cm 84 x 65″

It is interesting that she chose to include the imperfection of the marks left on the skin from removed underwear as I also chose to depict this in this following shot. shoulder151mcWhere you can just make out the indent that remains as evidence of the bra strap being recently removed. I feel that again this shows a vulnerability to the picture. I would normally be protected by the garments I wear, keeping my body hidden away. Hiding my imperfection from the world.


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