Assignment 2 – 151mc – Evaluation

When I was given this assignment I was initially stumped. I didn’t know how on earth I was going to approach this,  and how I was going to fulfil the brief.  I felt a little like a rabbit in head lights.  I considered the subject areas that we could elaborate upon and I decided to explore the work/life balance topic.

As a mother to 4 young boys , the decision to return to study was not one that I took lightly. I was a huge change to our family dynamics and I have to sometimes take a step back from studying and just take time to enjoy my family life. I then thought that what better way to demonstrate the way in which I take a few minutes out. My passion for tea is undying, I love tea and very much associate the ritual of making tea and drinking it with relaxing and reclaiming a bit of me time. It is something that I think I can truly say would leave a void in my day if I could not partake in a nice cuppa.

I feel that my final video has fulfilled the brief in that it is a creative and imaginative approach.  I toyed with idea of narrating the film but when I found the song by Jamie Broad , A Nice Cup of Tea, I found that this fitted my choice of subject so well.  I decided to take the tune and to try and to fit my footage in around it.  It turned out to be a great starting point and I feel that the finished outcome achieves exactly what I set out to do.

Overall I feel that this project has been successful for me. I started out with a sense of dread but ended up actually enjoying the process and learning some valuable skills that will help in years to come.





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