Interesting uses of light in Photography

Having been set the task of finding examples of light that I find interesting I have found several examples that I would like to share. Firstly I would like to add some of my work that I find uses light in a good way, despite the lack of technical perfection.

In the above photographs I have used light in various ways to achieve different effects. The two portraits were created using only natural light hitting the subjects face side on. This, I feel creates quite a contrasty look and accentuates the features on the face. The photos also demonstrate the use of light photography created using glow sticks and fireworks. Again, these were experimental and are by no means perfect examples but I like the way in which they turned out. They capture the essence of what I was trying to achieve.

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. Ansel Adams

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. Ansel Adams

This photograph demonstrates how light can be used to create a dramatic feel to the photograph. Ansel Adams created this dramatic landscape and the light allows the viewer to view the amazing scene in a striking way.

 Mathilde Guillemot

Mathilde Guillemot

The above photograph uses light in a much more subtle way. The outcome is still striking , but in a more gentle , softer way. It brings an air of the surreal to the image.










This photograph demonstrates the use of light to create rather than enhance the image. I find this kind of photography really fascinating.


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