152mc – Studio Set up

When working in the Photographic Studio there are a few basics to remember. At first I felt a little daunted having only ever had a very basic introduction to working in the studio. However, with practice  I  am learning to enjoy it more and more. By using the lighting the studio provides you are able to elevate your work to a higher level, using lighting to help create and sculpt the images that you make.

Contents of the studio:

We have two photographic studios at Coventry University, one that already has a ceiling light system and the other that requires the use of portable lighting kits.

abb1821f780ef76a7f39a90b5b33f096Ceiling Rigging System: One of the studios has a ceiling system, comprising of a couple of fixed rails to which are attached movable rails. These allow the lights to hang down from the ceiling allowing for free floor space and flexibility as to the way lighting is positioned during the shoot.






S243Stepladder :  The stepladder has a number of uses in the studio, it can me used by the photographer to get a better vantage point and the subject from above. It can also be used when composing a shot as a prop for the subject.








60-4251831MMA74UC736206MTower Fan: The tower fan has two purposes within the studio. The first being to create artistic , windswept looks to images and the second being to cool the room down. It gets very hot under those lights!








t311_523207ac30150aae88b66c8b820f7e0aInfinity Curve Table : This table is transparent enough to shine light through the back to create backlit product shots. It also allows for the environment of the object to appear as though it goes on infinitely, giving no edges or corners to the background.  It has wheels to enable you to position it around the studio as you desire.

Infinity Cove Table: Like the table above this is movable but rather than being open it has sides and encloses the object being photographed . This has the benefit of reflecting light around the object.





t320_85648e0db1d3b5fa5ebb9c6c097e037dBackdrops: Backdrops in the studio are essentially large rolls of paper that can be pulled down to create different looks in your photographs. They tend to be Black and white.


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