152mc – Studio Lights

In the Studio we have several lights on a ceiling rigging system that can be used to achieve different lighting effects. The rigging allows the lights to be positioned around the studio and the subject with ease. They are also height adjustable.  The following diagram shows the lights as default studio position :
















2013-04-23 13.11.36


As you can see from the diagram, there are 2 different light heads that are used. The lights power is controlled by a master switch on the studio wall.




bowen500The Bowen GM500 is a 500w lamp with analogue control dials.  The picture  shows the dials and function buttons on the side of the unit.

Latch Release – allows to remove the reflectors/softboxes

Photocell – Infrared receiver for remote control units

Ready Light – illuminates when unit is powered up

Flash Power Control – Controls the power of flash in 1/3rds of f-stops

Modelling Lamp Control – Controls the power of the modelling lamp

Test Flash Button – Allows you to “flash” the unit when power has changed


bowensswitchsThe flash head is operated by a series of switches on the back of the unit.

Power switch- Has 2 settings , I – when using mains power  II- for battery power.

Cell – turns the remote trigger cell on and off

Beep – Turns the audible ready beep on and off

Lamp – Turns the modelling lamp on and off

Sync – Allows you to use a sync cable to attach your camera to the unit






The unit itself has 2 bulbs on it, the Modelling lamp and the Flash Tube.





1000dxThe 1000 DX has the same basic functions as the 500 , but is has a higher watt output and the flash can operate at higher shutter speeds.

LED Display – Shows the F-Stop Values

F-stop Control – adjusts the F-Stop Values

Test Button – Test Fires the flash

Lamp Button – Controls the modelling lamp

Flash Sensor – Infra red detector of external flash




IMPORTANT NOTE : when you F-stop values on both of these units, it is important to test fire the flash prior to using it to take a shot. This enables the flash to discharge the power from the previous settings.

Accessories :

634777897709648642Bowens Keylite Reflector : Attach to the light unit. Creates a bright look and give great depth of field.





633952779769500227Bowens 75° Softlite Reflector with Grid Diffuser –  This light provides great soft, directional light, great for use with portraiture.









Snoot – Allows for controlled directional light







Soft Box – Soft Boxes provide a soft diffused light. They are gentler than using a more directional light head such as the snoot.





Remote Triggers – These are used with the camera, one unit attached to the light and the other to the camera, allows you to sync the flash with the camera without needing a physical cable. Useful when needing to move around the subject and for shooting outdoors.










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