152mc – Task 1

152MC 2012/13
Task 1
To demonstrate you have achieved the learning outcome for developing your research skills and illustrating you understand how to control different lighting techniques, for task 1,using the skills you have already learned on level 1, you will need to design and produce an instruction manual,to include the information you will be learning on this module.
 The manual should be an on going task, which charts all the technical tests and data (including how to make a pinhole camera)
learnt in the workshops during this module.
 You can interpret this task in the broadest sense, consider what you like about instruction manuals and think about what you dislike about instruction manuals.Words/pictures/diagrams ????
Design the information in an accessible way.
Imagine you could present this manual to yourself at the beginning of the module, what would you need to know
and how easily could you communicate this?
To support you with this task you will be introduced to digital diagram lighting software, which you may or may not choose to use. As you will be working in small groups for the workshops, you can pool any collaborative material but the design/layout and formatting for your manual needs to your own work.
To elaborate on the research around your manual and to contribute to the collective class knowledge you will need to add to the moodle online forum good/bad instruction manuals. You will need to post links to or examples of at least 2 instruction manuals you find unhelpful and 2 instruction manuals you have found supportive to learning (this can be interpreted in the broadest sense)
 and write a sentence to each posting explaining why you think it is a good or bad example of an instruction manual.

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