152mc – Task 1 – Instruction Manual Planning

Task 1 for the 152mc module requires us to compile an instruction manual that relates to the work that we carry over the duration of the module. This instruction manual with cover the principles of working with light and be something that we can add to and refer back to over the next couple of years of study.

After researching what I like and dislike about instruction manuals I have come to the decision that I do not like manuals that have a lot of technical blurb. I find that I tend to switch off to them and end up getting frustrated and confused, before I chuck them in the bin!

So my approach will be to make my manual as visual as possible with plain English that hopefully anyone would be able to pick up and learn something new from.

Points I want to cover in my manual include :

The Studio set up .

Pinhole Camera construction and use.

Developing Pinhole camera negatives.

Using Light to enhance images.

Zone System

Light meter

Speedlite use

portable lighting kit


I will probably think of more things to include and will add to this list as I think of them.

At this stage I am thinking of using Adobe InDesign to create the manual which I will then be able to convert to a PDF version for printing and distributing.


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