152mc – Task 3 Brief

152MC 2012/13
Task 3

Applying the knowledge gained in the technical lighting workshops and the pre-­‐ visualisation techniques learnt, in task 3 you are required to interrogate representation through portraiture.

Taking into consideration the appropriate lighting and location, you are required to create a photographic portrait series to represent one person in 5 images, two portraits and three objects. Your interpretation of this brief can be as broad as you like but the images need to cohesively fit together and should collectively increase the audience knowledge and/or understanding of the person represented.

Using your acquired printing skills to enhance your assessed task, you will need to submit 5 final photographic prints which represent the person you representing. Remember this task is part of the assessed work for this module so you are advised to spend time building on and improving on your initial starting point. Your submitted artefacts must be original to you and should communicate your unique vision of the world. 


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