Studio Lighting – Product photography

We were asked today to bring along 3 items to the studio. One made of glass, one reflective and one textured/rough item. We then used the studio lighting to create different effects and to analyse how the use of light worked with the different surfaces and textures.

We used the ceiling lighting for this set to f5. The camera used was the Canon 5D mark II , Lens EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Camera settings : 1/125 sec;   f/11;   ISO 100  Focal length- 105mm

I shot a Gucci perfume bottle using the following set up :






The first was shot with just the softbox , the second being shot using a piece of aluminium foil to the left of the bottle to act as a reflector. The Softbox was set to f5 and was horizontal to the table that the bottle was placed upon.  These are the resulting images:



These two images clearly demonstrate how using a reflector to direct light back at a subject can add to the impact and detail achieved by an image. The first shot is dark and undefined. You cannot really make out any details and the name label is hard to read. With the light reflected back onto the bottle, it changed the outcome drastically. You can see the label clearly , something that would be important if doing a commercial shoot for a brand name. The light also bounces back through the bottle , bringing it to life and creating a more 3 dimensional look to the photograph.

The following images were taken using almost the same setup, with the addition of a soft box over head to the left of the object.



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