152mc – Task 3 – Test shoot

I have been asked by a friend to shoot some photographs and her with her son. I was unable to book out the travel pak as it was not available for hire on the day so I had to carefully consider where to take the photographs in order to make the best of the natural light. Fortunately on the day of the shoot it was bright , a small breakthrough in this awful spring weather we have been having this year.

Before the shoot I asked Sarah to consider if there were any shots that she specifically wanted and to think about a change of clothing etc. I gave her the choice of location and she chose to have the photographs taken in her home. Using peoples homes as a location works well, although you do not have the controlled light set up that the studio can give you, people seem to feel more relaxed and at ease so you can really see their personalities shine through.


This image was taken with the light from the window shining directly onto Sarah’s face. This allowed for even light distribution. To improve this picture the use of a reflector under the chin would have helped to help eliminate some of the shadows.

liam1This image was also taken with the window light directly on the face.

sarah4This was taken with the window light to the right of Sarah’s face, giving more shadows and contrast to the image.

I feel that the above images show just what can be achieved without the need to sophisticated light systems. It is all about making the most of the light and understanding how to use it to your advantage.


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