152mc – Jonathan Shaw

Notes from todays lecture with Jonathan Shaw – Working with Light

What is light? – Look at definitions of light
what is a circle? round 2d shape. What is a sphere? a 3d object. What are the differences when drawing it? Sphere has shading

Explore light in relation to things and objects.
Camera is essentially a camera obscura
photography uses perspective to lead the eye.

Howard Rheingold – Virtual Reality – 1991  Net Smart-  new book

Cave paintings ability to transform. about transformation/experience. A way of communicating. social media of the day

Light – scientific definition.
examples of photography using different light are astrophotography, Infrared , X-rays
Nick Veasy – look him up
Portrait of picasso. drawing with a light pen. flash used to capture picasso in long exposure
Lady walking down the stairs. multiple flash in long exposure shot.

Light is the subject? –
line descibing a cone- antony mccall -tate modern
Sky space – james turrell – room with a large aperture- when you sit in it you can see the sky and switch off. creates a camera obscura effect on the floor of the room.
James Turrell – Roden Crater project.

Light as a measurement of time – Eadweard Muybridge – changed our visual perspective of the world around us.  invisible worlds – you tube
Dir.Frank Budgen, Time Slice by Tim Macmillan
Etienne-Jules Marey – study of movement- scientist
Harold Edgerton – professor at MIT stereoscopic images.
Invisible worlds -Harold Edgerton – film
Nick knight

Anton Giulo Bragaglia
photo dynamism

Chris Cunningham
Andy Earl – commercial photographer  and Michel Gondry  Rolling stones video
Johnathon shaws work. created image using tracking system to create a long print 30 metres long
New landscapes of photography, grant scott and Jonathan Shaw
photography has never been bigger. the scale of photograph worldwide is immense.

http://www.jonathan-shaw.com   http://www.disruptivemedia.org.uk


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