152mc – Task 3 – Initial thoughts and Ideas.

So, for this task we have to apply the knowledge gained in the technical lighting workshops and the pre-­‐ visualisation techniques learnt, in task 3 you are required to interrogate representation through portraiture. We are asked to represent one person in 5 images, two portraits and three objects.

Portraiture is one of my favourite photographic disciplines and I was really excited and motivated when I read the brief .  I have considered the tasks requirements and have come to the conclusion that  in order to take a meaningful portrait of someone , then I have to choose someone close to me. I did consider one of my student peers but  I believe that you can get the most out of your subject and thus a better picture, the more you know them.  I feel at ease shooting those close to me and the fact that they know me intimately makes family and friends relaxed and able to show themselves in a true light. They do not tense up or feel that they have to perform. In fact, something I have found when photographing my children in particular, is that this distinct lack of acting for the camera makes the shots. I have very few photographs of my children smiling big flashy smiles, saying cheese to the camera like we were always told to during school photographs.


I find this photograph to be so unrepresentative of my children and their personalities, I can almost hear them saying cheese between their gritted teeth.  This photograph was taken in 2009 and it is the last school photograph that I purchased for this very reason. I just don’t find them appealing.

So it come down to either my parents, husband or children to be my models.  My husband opposed to being a model and I find it can be hard matching my schedule to my parents so my choice is made , children it is… I just need to narrow down which one.

Of all my children , Damien is the one who I feel is the most comfortable in front of the camera, he enjoys the attention that it gives him.  He is always a willing participant in my practice so he has happilly agreed to be my guinea pig.

These are all photographs that I have taken of him in the past. Many people comment about his eyes and I really want to make them a focus of photographs that I take. Ever since he was baby he has always had these huge , soulful eyes. As a 6  month old baby he spent time in hospital with a a life threatening illness as all the nurses fell in love with his beatiful eyes calling him their big blue eyed boy.

In terms of personality, he has always been an old head on young shoulders. Very thoughtful, intelligent and questioning. I want to try and get this to come across in the photographs that I take of him. I am going to take the principles of lighting that I have learnt during this module and apply them to trying to create shots that show him in his most natural and true way.



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