152mc – Task 3 – Martin Schoeller

Whilst working on this task I have been looking that the work of other practioners to give me inspiration and to see how my work relates to theirs.

I have been looking at the work of the New York based photographer Martin Schoeller. His series of portraits called Close Up is a collection of celebrity headshots. These images to not attempt hide lines and imperfections of the human face, they seem to embrace them. They capture reality, albeit in a slightly surreal way these images seem to blur the lines between what is reality and a reality that is alternate.

The shallow depth of field draws the viewer to the eyes of the subject, the lines on the face make you wonder about what was going on whilst the portraits were being shot, The intense stares gazing into the camera.

Martin-Schoeller-Clint-Eastwood-Portrait Martin-Schoeller-Barack-Obama-portrait







A portrait of a person should capture their personality, and leave the viewer intrigued , wanting to know more about the person in front of the camera and in my opinion , this is something that Schoeller has achieved with this series.




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