152mc – Task 3 – Thinking about lighting

Whilst considering the shots to take for task 3 I have taken a number of shots to try to determine the over look I want to achieve with my images. Testing out natural light, the use of an on camera flash and also the use of studio light kits.

The above shots were both shot next to a large window to the left of the subject and velux windows above. For the left image I pointed the speed lite  directly at Elliots face and it is well lit with few shadows. The second photograph pointed the speed lite so that the light bounced of the ceiling , this made the scene appear more naturally lit.


I shot this image outside in on a (rare) sunny day, The sun was to the side of Elliots face and created a soft glow in his hair, similar to the effect that can be created in the studio using a honey comb diffuser.




In order to make best use of the light available you have to understand the effect that it has. I am learning to consider the light before shooting a picture rather than just crossing my fingers to hope for the best. Pre-visualisastion is key to a successful outcome.



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