152mc – Task 3 – Product Photographs

The 3 objects that Elliot chose were his medal for his Multi- Sports club that he takes part in at school, Harry Potter books to demonstrate his love of reading and the films and a Lego Car , something that he really enjoys playing.

All 3 of these objects are pretty uninspiring and were a challenge to photograph in an interesting way. The first item that I shot was the medal. I had a few unsuccessful shots due to the reflective nature of the surface. IMG_1213 IMG_1200






I tried the image to the left with the Canon Speedlite directed straight onto the medal but this wass way to hard and almost bleached out the whole image. The image above right was slightly more successful with the flash angled slightly away from the medal. This was still not the ideal lighting as a lot of the medal detail is lost in the reflection. I then decided to try the speedlite pointing towards a white reflective panel and bouncing back towards the medal. This worked well and bought out the detail in the medal .medal

I feel that this image works well. You can see the embossing on the medal and you are still aware of the reflective properties of the metal without being blinded by the glare. The colours of the ribbon stand out well on the black background, I did try it on a table but felt that the image has much less impact. IMG_1199





For this image I wanted to capture the detail of the lego, and in particular focus on the number plate, something that I feel I achieved in this picture. The shallow depth of field draws the eye to the grill plate of the car and the lighting overhead of the car makes a nice strong shadow underneath the car. I wanted to try and recreate the look of car advertising and I feel that I have achieved this.

For the final image out of the 3 I wanted to create a slightly surreal look to the image. The subject being Harry Potter books, so I wanted to give them an air or magic. I chose a bright white background so that the pages of the books could almost melt into the background. It took several attempts at positioning to get it right as there are only so many ways that you can stack a load of books and attempt to make them look interesting. Although I could have chosen something a little easier to shoot I was aware that this was Elliots choice and I was after all trying to reflect his choices and personality.potter

I decided that rather than shooting the whole book I would focus on the title, we all know what a book looks like afterall. This empasises the importance that Harry Potter holds for Elliot, like a lot of children, and books such as these will have a hand in shaping the memories of childhood for him. He won’t necessarily remember what the books looked like but he will remember the name Harry Potter!





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