152mc – Task 3 – Shoot

So in order to carry out my shoot I had to hire own a Travel light kit from the Media Loan Shop at University. Kit I used :

  • Bowens 500w Mono Light
  • 120° Wide-Angle Reflector
  • Lamp Stand
  • Convertible Umbrella
  • Camera Sync Cable
  • Power lead
  • Canon 5D mkII
  • Canon 580 EXII Speedlite
  • 4x AA Batteries

I shot indoors, during an overcast day and here are some go the results that I got:

Thinking about the images that I produced I have decided to change my initial idea of photographing Damien as the two images that stood out the most to me from those that I tool were the following two of my youngest son, Elliot.

The following lighting set ups were used to create the 2 following images

I find that these images really demonstrate his personality and capture him in a natural way.  The following shots are of the objects he chose to represent his personality and likes.


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