152mc – Task 4 – Severn Trent Water Photography Competition

Task 4 requires us to visit Draycote Water in Warwickshire to take photographs to be enterered into a competition being run by Severn Trent Water.

Project Brief:

152MC 2012/13 Task 4
Applying the knowledge already gained in the class workshops and previous tasks you are required to follow a pre defined competition brief for Severn Trent Water. Details at http://www.stwater.co.uk/photocomp . You will need to follow the link to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the competition and note the submission details and final submission date of May 31. Completing this task with demonstrate you have achieved the editorial skills to follow a set brief.

A few important terms from the Severn Trent Website :

Each entrant may submit a maximum of five (5) images into the Competition. Photos must have been taken at a STW Visitor Site. A list of sites can be found at http://www.stwater.co.uk/leisure-and-learning.
Photography subjects can include, but are not limited to:

  •  Animals in their environment
  •  Animal portraits
  • Plant life and vegetation
  •  Landscapes
  • Waterscapes

Photos may be submitted in either full colour or black and white. As photos will be taken whilst on a STW site, the photographer must not attempt to gain access to restricted areas nor place him/herself in danger, in an attempt to gain a particular image. Freshness, originality, creativity and innovation are at the core of the Competition and should be reflected in all images that are submitted.

So we visited Draycote Water on the 14th May 2013 and the weather was unseasonally awful. Wind and Rain in abundance, coupled with the swarms of flying bugs that seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the weather , made for a pretty challenging shoot.  The light was terrible and I felt that my creativity was tested to the max!

Kit I used:

Canon 5D mark II

Light Meter


Despite the atrocious conditions , I managed to come of home with a few images that I was happy with ( and a whole lot more that I wasn’t!) I used lightroom to make minor tweaks to photographs to elevate the overall flatness that the shooting conditions created.

Some of shots that I am happy with :

Looking at the images I have had to consider just what a calender requires of its images. When researching other calendars I found the Photostream of the National Trust 2013 calender. It comprises of marvellous landscapes, full of life and vibrancy, even the winter months. The photostream can be found here . This is in total contrast with the majority of images that I managed to produce on the day. Of all the images I took on the day I  think that I am going to submit the following 5 photographs to the competition:

With this first image , I just feel that it sums up the way the weather was the day we visited. These clouds were looking so angry on the horizon when suddenly  I could hear torrential rain. It was pouring down with rain in the field next to where I was standing yet I was bone dry.  The rain hit us a minute or two later but for that brief moment it all felt a little surreal. I think this photograph captures the mood and feel of that surreal moment really well.

View from the pathway of the surrounding countryside

View from the pathway of the surrounding countryside











With this second image, I feel that it captures a unique kind of Britishness. The weather was truly appalling , yet here we were taking photographs in the great outdoors of people fishing in the rain!

Fishing in the rain

Fishing in the rain












This 3rd photograph shows the view from the path that circumnavigates the reservoir. I captured the storm as it was approaching which gave the scene an almost dawn like feel even though it was the middle of the day.

Rain on the horizon

Rain on the horizon












Like a duck to water. I know its a picture of a Duck, but I quite like the way the colours in this image seem to work in harmony , you could almost think that it was a sunny day ….almost.












The final image that I am going to submit is the one below.  I find the lines of the image pleasing to the eye, they create an almost geometric feel to the photograph. The rocks on the foreshore, running parallel with the sea wall. Even the bird flying in the sky seem to echo this symmetry. Man-made and nature working in harmony.

Stormy clouds

Stormy clouds


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