152mc – Task 5 – Part One

In 250-300 words, revisit your Easter holiday research homework and discuss if
and how your understanding of light has changed during this module. In an
additional, but separate 250-300 words, critically reflect on how your practice
has developed during this module.

When I received the Easter work and was asked to look into creative uses of light within photography I thought to myself that this would be an easy task. I readily found images that I could talk about and analyse. Images created at sunset, photographs made using light, I discussed how the light was used to help in the creation of the images, or so I thought.  What I find interesting is that I talked about the way the light impacted upon and the way in which it made the scene appear.  I analysed the imagery from a purely aesthetic point of view without demonstrating a knowledge of just how the images were made, or indeed the lighting conditions under which the photographs were taken.

Now, as we come to the end of the module Working with Light , I find that I have developed a much deeper understanding in how light is used, rather than just the effect it brings within an image. I understand that light is the most quintessential tool that a photographer can use. I have discovered that it can be manipulated to suit my needs as a practitioner.  It is absolutely necessary to get the lighting right when creating the perfect image.  Without light there cannot be photography. I can look at a photograph and identify the techniques that photographers have used when creating their photographs, and have developed an understanding that pre-visualisation is absolutely vital in being a photographer and taking control of light within my work.


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